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Parrainage de la DART (TU Darmstadt Racing Team)

Darmstadt, 30/08/2010

TECHNOGERMA est partenaire Premium de la DART (team racing de la TU de Darmstadt) engagée dans la compétition Formula Student Electric.
Avec son nouveau projet DART Electric et le véhicule epsilon-E, l'équipe de compétition de l'Université Technique de Darmstadt se fixe pour objectif de suivre la tendance en faveur des systèmes de propulsion alternatifs, en développant un nouveau véhicule de course entièrement électrique pour la saison 2010.

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The goal is an innovative drive system concept, which enables similar or better driving performance compared to conventionally driven vehicles. A total of three motors are planned – a main motor at the rear axle and two innovative wheel hub motors at each of the front wheels, which, similar to the battery, set a great challenge. Therefore, the development of the electrical drive train is the focus of the DART Electric research group.

“The cooperation with the competent and experienced TGS engineers will definitely help us in solving possible problems in this project faster. Furthermore, we are naturally very pleased about the financial aid offered to us by TGS,” says project manager, Carsten Meier, of DART Electric.

With the vehicle thus designed, the DART Electric Team will be entering the Formula Student Electric, which is an extension of the worldwide university design competition, Formula Student, being organised for the first time in 2010.

The Formula Student was founded in 1978 by the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) in the USA. The first European competition took place in 1998 in Silverstone, England. The official German competition, Formula Student Germany, has been taking place in Hockenheim since 2006.


As premium partner of the DART Electric Team, we aim to contribute to student research and design work, but we also want to intensify our contact to young academics at the University of Darmstadt to recommend TGS as an interesting employer,

says Thorsten Schröder, TGS Director, explaining the company’s involvement in this project.


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